Top Dog-Related Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

These are some of the dog-related Twitter
accounts (not in any particular order) that we follow and why we do:Dogs
on Deployment@DogsonDeploymntProvides deploying military members in
the US a resource to find volunteers who will board their pets while they’re
away.Dogs Trust@DogsTrustWe simply love to peruse through all the
cute dogs there daily.Dog
Tipper .com@DogTipperPet writers Paris Permenter &
John Bigley, authors […]

Dogs in cars: An all-you-can-smell buffet

Ever wonder why your dog loves riding in
the car with his head out the window? No, it’s not because you smell bad. No,
he doesn’t think he is the GPS. It’s because he wants to take in all the scents
outside. Humans have around 5 million olfactory receptors while in comparison
dogs have over 200 million. Now that’s […]

Adopting a Previously Abused Dog

It is
very unfortunate yet true that many dogs rescued from a shelter or from the
streets were abused at some point in their lives. They may have been abused
physically, by neglect, taken from their mother too young, confined in cages or
chained up with little food or water. Their grooming and health needs may not
have been tended […]

Ask A Pro With Brandog : “Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?”

This month’s column discusses training for
an adult or senior dog. According to
it may be “double the trouble” but not impossible to train your older dog. By
that we mean that the dog may have learned some bad habits. They encourage us
by saying, “While this is not necessarily a problem, when
dog training an adult we must […]

How to Safely Trim your Dog’s Nails

Dogs are descended from wolves but as a
domesticated animal, they don’t have a chance to trim their nails naturally as
wolves do in the wild. Neglecting your
dog’s nails over a long period of time can cause foot and joint pain. They need
a little help from humans. Trimming your dog’s nails (for most dogs) is not a
difficult […]

Dog Poisoning Prevention and Treatment

Many people will take time to child-proof
their homes when expecting a new baby but many don’t think to “dog-proof” their
homes for their dog. Many substances that we consider to be safe for humans are
sometimes poisonous to our dogs. This article will be a general overview of
common poisons and what to do if you think your […]