Ask A Pro With Brandog : “Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?”

This month’s column discusses training for an adult or senior dog. According to it may be “double the trouble” but not impossible to train your older dog. By that, we mean that the dog may have learned some bad habits. They encourage us by saying, “While this is not necessarily a problem when dog training an adult we must help them “unlearn” poor behaviour and “retrain” for the desired behaviour.”

Sometimes there are circumstances where we help a friend who can no longer care for their dog. Perhaps we adopt an older dog from a shelter or find a stray dog in the street. You can view their website via the above link to get their tips on common problems you may face with an older dog such as boredom, anxiety, fear, digging, barking, and changes in personality.

When you bring an older dog into your home, give him time to settle and become part of the family before you begin training him. If you want to take a class with your dog, it will be a great way to socialize your dog with a professional trainer there to help.

Your older dog may no longer be able to jump through hoops as he once did but he is perfectly capable of learning new things. He will need your training help and commitment. Training older dogs keep their minds and bodies active and enhance their lives. Don’t be apprehensive about an older/senior dog. You can train dogs until the end of their lives.

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