5 Tips for Coping with the Loss of Your Dog

Brando (the namesake of this website and blog) was my beautiful Border Collie. At age 9 he started to have seizures that were mostly controlled through medicine. One night things took a turn for the worse and the next morning we had to take Brando to the vet. It was our time to make the decision that every pet owner will have to face. We could not watch our beloved friend suffer. God’s finger touched him, and he slept. You can watch our tribute to Brando on YouTube by clicking here

I do realize that in the whole, big scheme of things and with all that goes on in the world, losing my dog might not appear so catastrophic. However, to me, Brando was more than just my dog. He was my ever faithful companion for more than a decade. I can watch all the movies in the world where a man dies but it only takes one dog to die and I am all choked up. Grief over the loss of your dog is quite natural. Your dog was a daily source of companionship, friendship, fun and joy.

Take the time to grieve his passing. Below are some tips to help:

1.  Don’t expect that we all will grieve in the same way. Everyone is different. You will experience emotions other than just loss and sadness. Don’t stuff those feelings down and ignore them. Talk to someone, express yourself through poems, prepare a photo album, etc.

2.  Don’t second guess your decision to euthanize your dog and feel guilty. Yes, your vet can advise you but you are the best judge of your dog’s daily quality of life. Do not allow your dog to suffer simply because you do not want to suffer. This is truly the final act of love you can bestow.

3.  Don’t feel guilty if you decided not to stay during the procedure because you couldn’t handle it. Being emotional and crying is likely to affect your dog. He knows more than you think.

4.  Don’t underestimate your child’s ability to understand the situation either. Don’t lie but do explain the difference between death and being “put to sleep”.

5.  Spend a little extra time with your other pets if you have them. They may be grieving also due to the loss of their companion.

Did you experience the loss of your dog or other pet? Leave a comment on our tribute page link above at YouTube.

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