How to Housebreak a New Puppy or an Older Dog

Today we’re going to talk about how to
housebreak a puppy or an older dog. The first thing you need to do is make sure
there are no health issues. Take your dog to the vet and rule this out. Once
you have done this, you can move on with the training. It would be so unfair to
both you and your dog to train without taking this step. When you have had a
dog for a while and all of a sudden he has accidents in the house, it could be
a sign of a health condition. Check everything out with your vet first.

The next step is to set a schedule for your
dog to go outside. With a puppy, start at one hour and then gradually increase
the time (by half an hour) as they are able to wait longer. An older dog can
hold it longer but you should start at two hours increasing intervals at half
an hour also. It’s important to establish a consistent schedule with your dog
for eating and going outside. Feed your adult dog twice a day (puppy three
times per day) and their bowel movements will be more predictable. Don’t leave
food in your dog’s bowl and allow him to eat on demand. Remember also that
whenever you dog is stimulated, they may have an accident. Be mindful of
playing with your dog or when you have an unexpected guest come over, etc.

Another component of training is to have
direct eye contact on your dog or puppy at all times. Otherwise when you are
out or busy, crate your dog. If you have eyes on your dog as he is having an
accident, you can get the dog outside quickly. Another tip is to let your dog
wear a short leash while out of the crate to aid you in getting him outside
more quickly. Let’s face it….your dog WILL be having an accident. Once he does,
it is too late for scolding. Just find a good cleaning product to clean that
spot so that he does not come back, smell himself and go there again.

Take the time for a few weeks to housebreak
your dog correctly. Being patient at the onset of training to teach your puppy
or dog when and where to go will ensure successful housebreaking training.

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