How to Prepare Your Home for a New Adult Dog

So you have chosen a dog and bought all the
necessary food and dog products
to make your pet comfortable and safe. Now to make sure that you make the transition
as easy as possible for your new dog. Some of the items you should have on hand
now are the correct
size food and water bowls, toys, grooming products, a bed for
your dog
, collar and leash, pet ID tag, a carrier or a crate, odor neutralizer, etc.

Going to a new forever home can cause stress for your dog and the final preps include the following questions which should be answered before you dog arrives:

Who will walk the dog? How many times / what time?
Who is in charge of feeding the dog and what time?
Who will make sure the dog gets enough exercise?
Who will be in charge of bathing and grooming?
Who will take the dog to the vet?
Are there other pets in the home and how will they get along?
Who will house train if necessary?
Is the dog allowed on the furniture?
Where will the dog sleep?

This is not to mention transporting the dog to the home in your car. If your dog gets stressed out in the car, ask your vet for medication to keep him calm. It is important to use a carrier or crate while transporting your pet for safety reasons. Do not under any circumstance let your dog ride in your car with his head out the window. He could be hit by flying debris! Please also be aware of the dangers of leaving your pet alone in your car- heat stroke and the possible theft of your dog.

Once you have all the details taken care of as far as the daily routine for your dog and get the dog home, next comes the discipline. In order for your dog to be happy, he needs to have order. If your dog misbehaves, don’t go insane and jerk the dog by the collar. Do let the dog know that he is wrong but also praise him when he does things right. It’s up to you to show your dog who the leader is in the home. Have reasonable expectations but show the dog who is boss. Get training classes if you need them.

Follow this link to learn about positive reinforcement training and how to have a better bond with your dog:

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