Deciding Whether a Dog is the Right Companion for You

Most animal shelters or animal rescue missions have various kinds of animals up for adoption. Before deciding what kind of pet you would like give a forever home, think at length about what will suit not only your personality but your lifestyle. Living with a dog as a companion is well worth any sacrifice but some lifestyles make it impossible to properly care for one.

A dog can make a lifelong companion for you and your family but what type of dog are you looking for? Some dogs require more care, exercise or training and some will be glad to just sit in your lap all day. It is important to evaluate your lifestyle before deciding on a dog as a pet.

Some of the following questions you should consider will be:

• Do you have a sedentary lifestyle? Perhaps you could consider an older dog.
• Do you have children? Will they be playing with the dog all the time?
• Do you live in a high rise building without an elevator or grassy area?
• Would your pet be an indoor or outdoor animal?
• Do you have money for dog health care, dog accessories and the like?
• Would you prefer a small or large animal?
• Would your dog need to be more independent?
• Do you mind slobber, dirt or hair shedding?
• Is anyone on the family allergic to pet dander?

If you open your heart and home to a dog, you are giving up a part of your life and your daily routine. However, a dog will love you unconditionally and be a devoted, lifelong friend. It is also important to consider the personality and qualities of the dog you want rather than what the dog looks like or the size of the dog. Some good things come in very unexpected packages!

Please give us your take on things to consider before selecting a dog as a pet. We would love to hear your thoughts.
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